Intermec T2425

 Intermec’s 2425 is available, refurbished. This wireless handheld terminal is an industry standard, avaialble in OpenAir and 802.11,  and ships with a 90 day QuickTurn warranty and TotalReturn Refurbished* guarantee. Call or click to tell us the features you require.(If available new, request a new to refurbished comparison)

– Operating system: DOS

– Communication: 2.4 GHz, 802.11

– Security Encryption: WEP. LEAP, PEAP, WPA, TKIP,WPA2 and AES

– Display, keypad and overlay requirements

– Scan engine: Laser or Imager, distance from symbol, High density to Near/far area imagers

– Connectivity software: Wavelink, Stay-linked, other proprietary TE apps

Is this an addition to other legacy terminals? Maintain or recondition them with QuickTurn Repair. When it’s time to upgrade, that used equipment is a down payment for next generation technology.

*30 day, No-Questions-Asked, Full Refund


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Expand your coverage area with the Intermec 2425 wireless data collection terminal. A durable wireless version of the 2420 the 2425 is a cost-effective and reliable solution for collecting data in manufacturing distribution and warehouse environments. Applications can be developed using industry standard language tools; no proprietary languages to learn and support. The task is even quicker with EZBuilder a rapid application development and prototyping tool that requires no programming language expertise at–all. Also the flexible architecture of the 2425 includes integration options for terminal emulation client-server or browser-based applications.

Data can be collected with the 2425 for a normal shift and even beyond without a battery change with its Lithium Ion batteries. Recharge them gradually while the terminal is in the communications dock or quickly in a convenient multi-pack charger. Data will be saved for days in the event the main battery is temporarily or accidentally removed. Optional equipment for the 2425 include 2 or 4 MB memory expansion option pistol grip handle and serial communications dock.