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An alliance with Ivanhoe means economical maintenance of your legacy barcode system while facilitating the move to next generation technology.


Typically, our customers share one or more of these characteristics:

  • Your Company is Manufacturing or Distribution, Retail or Services.
  • The handhelds, truck mounts or printers still work for you but you’re looking at End of Life EOL and End-of-Service EOS.
  • The Budget for new is a year or two off.

When new technology arrives, you need multiple platforms, high mobility – a non-traditional approach. Migration from a legacy platform requires a TO DO LIST and a partner;


So, the situation demands

  • A resourceful vendor who can transition the past to the present.
  • Legacy support – service contracts to “last leg” coverage.
  • Demonstration of NEXT GEN connectivity and mobility devices, today.

Consultation through installation…

……….…that is what Ivanhoe is about.