Cold Chain Barcode

Quit paying too much

Funny how the priciest barcode hardware – gets handled roughest in the worst environments.


Combine that with leaner margins and consolidation across the industry – It’s time to explore your Repair and supply options.

Ivanhoe has a low cost repair and replacement option for Cold Chain – and the people to deliver it.

If you are missing a good solution for repair and support of some of the legacy vehicle mount computers and portable handheld scanners, try QuickTurnCOLD. We have the components, parts, and experienced staff to handle the hardware that’s used in -30C operations. Don’t pay $900 flat rates and don’t get stuck in expensive contracts. Talk to us about what QuickTurnCOLD can do for you. (770) 631-1184

Get an RMA and we’ll have an estimate to you 24 hours after receipt. (Plus, no decline fee if you change your mind – which you won’t). The thing about service like this is it is worth a try.

Prices and Specifications