Symbol LS3603 LS3203ER

Symbols LS3603 and the Extended range LS3203ER are available refurbished. This barcode scanner is an industrial staple and available to ship with a 90 day QuickTurn warranty and TotalReturn Refurbished* guarantee. Call or click to request a quote with the features you require. (If it’s available new, request a new to refurbished comparison) – Scan engine: Laser or Imager, B, Keyboard wedge, Serial, Wand emulation, Undecoded – Connection: Tethered or cordless Is this an addition to other legacy barcode scanners? Maintain or recondition them with QuickTurn Repair. With Ivanhoe, they’re a down payment toward next generation upgrade. *30 day, No-Questions-Asked, Full Refund

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In warehousing, transportation and other industrial applications…when a scanner has to be rugged yet versatile in order to read a broad range of symbol densities – both close up and at long range…in temperature extremes or rigorous conditions…the scanner to choose is Symbol Technologies’ LS 3203fER Extended-Range Scanner. The LS 3203ER reads bar codes as far away as 35 feet (10 m) or more, and as close as 4 inches (10 cm) – giving it the greatest range of any scanner on the market today. The LS3603 is the standard range version of the decoded LS3203ER

  • Symbol Technologies’ LS 3603 Laser Scanner brings you the highest level of scanning performance available today.
  • Symbol’s patented “fuzzy logic” technology delivers the first scanner with artificial intelligence for aggressive, “smart” scanning.
  • Simply pull the trigger, and the LS 3603 assesses the print quality of the bar code and compensates for imperfections. In fact, no other scanner is better at reading poorly printed bar codes.

Symbol offers the LS 3203ER in two models to meet your application needs: an undecoded version (model LS 3203ER) for use with a portable terminal with decode capability; and, a multi-interface decoded version (model LS 3203ER) providing both wand emulation and RS-232C connectivity. The LS 3203ER model can also use Symbol’s exclusive Synapse(TM) “smart cables” for connection to many different hosts without a separate interface controller. What’s more, this series of extended range scanners is not only flexible, it’s rugged, making it ideal for fixed station, portable terminal and fork lift duty. Like all members of Symbol’s LS 3000 family of hand-held scanners, the LS 3203ER is designed for aggressive scanning performance, while combining toughness and durability with ease of operation. It withstands repeated six-foot (1.8 m) drops to concrete, yet it’s light weight and ergonomic design assure user comfort. A key source of the reliability inherent in the LS 3203ER is Symbol’s patented Mylar® scan element – a technological innovation that represents a major improvement over conventional scanner motors. The frictionless Mylar scan element makes these scanners remarkably long-lasting because it completely eliminates engine wear. It also provides another benefit – lower power usage because no energy is expended overcoming friction. Symbol has so much confidence in the LS 3203ER that we back it with a limited lifetime warranty on the scan element…a Symbol exclusive.