Psion Teklogix 7535 G2

The 7535 G2 ships with a 90 day QuickTurn warranty and TotalReturn Refurbished* guarantee. Call or click to tell us the features you require.(If this is available new, request a new to refurbished comparison. We’re glad to help.)

– Operating system:  Windows CE 5.0

– Communication: 802.11a/b/g, Bluetooth

– Security Encryption: WEP,WPA, WPA2

– Color display, touch screen, 58 key, 36 key

– Scan engine:1D Standard Range Laser, 1D Standard Range Fuzzy Logic Laser, 1D Long Range Laser, 1D Advanced Long Range Laser, 1D Auto-Ranging Laser, PDF417 Raster Laser, 1D Imager, 2D Imager

– Using connectivity software like Wavelink, other proprietary TE apps? Tell us.

Is this an addition to other legacy terminals? Maintain or recondition them with QuickTurn Repair. It’s efficient and economical. When it’s time to upgrade, that used equipment is a down payment for next generation technology.

*30 day, No-Questions-Asked, Full Refund


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The Psion-Teklogix 7535 G2 is designed for warehouse environments and features a drop rating of 1.8 meters to polished concrete. An IP65 rating makes it impervious to dust and moisture, and it can withstand extremes of -10 to 50 degrees C (14 to 122 degrees F) and just keep working. The 7535 G2 is light, well balanced and sits comfortably in any size hand. The bright 1/4 VGA display is visible even in direct sunlight. The backlit, hard-capped keypad won’t wear out, can be used in all lighting conditions and provides exceptional tactile feedback for ease of operation. The 7535 G2 is Windows-based and slots into your existing wireless infrastructure and applications hassle-free. Integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity ensure that the Psion-Teklogix 7535 G2 is never out of contact.