The LXE VX2 Vehicle Mount Computer (VMT or VMC) is a rugged, vehicle-mounted, DOS based PC capable of wireless data communications from a fork-lift truck or any properly configured vehicle. The unit uses a PCMCIA radio (spread spectrum 900MHz or 2.4GHz) for wireless data communications.

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Rugged, Reliable, Industrial Ergonomics
he LXE VX1 and LXE VX2 are the latest in LXE’s line of rugged, terminal-emulation vehicle-mounted computers. They thrive in the most demanding operating conditions – severe vibration, heat, cold, dust, dirt or rain.

Choose the LXE VX1 or LXE VX2 with its half screen and integrated keyboard or go with the VX2 a full-screen computer with multiple external keyboard options.

Horizontal Features that Simplify Operations
The LXE VX1 and LXE VX2 both include large, backlit keys that allow for gloved-hand data entry and provide high visibility. And a protective coating offers resistance to chemicals and abrasions.

Screens are super bright Electroluminescent for maximum visibility indoors and out.

And LXE makes both available with internal heaters for use in extremely cold environments.

Work Horse, Industry-standard Platform
The LXE VX1’s and LXE VX2’s industry-standard IntelĀ® processor provides all the processing speed you’ll need while the ROM-DOS? operating system supports your standard DOS applications.

Both supports a wide variety of radios for high-speed wireless communications and numerous terminal emulation standards for easy integration with most Warehouse Management System applications.