The LXE HX2 is available, refurbished. This wireless handheld terminal is an industry standard with it’s distinguishing feature being the ability to work fast-paced and hands-free.

It ships with a 90 day QuickTurn warranty and TotalReturn Refurbished* guarantee. Call or click to tell us the features you require. (If this is available new, request a new to refurbished comparison. We’re glad to help.)

– Operating system: Windows CE 5.0 Professional Plus

– Communication: 802.11b/g WLAN radio (Wi-Fi Certified)

– Security Encryption: WPA, WPA2

– Display/Keyboard: Sunlight readable 320 x 240 (¼ VGA) TFT color display,  23-key alpha-numeric backlit keyboard

– Scan engine: Optional SR or 2D imager ring scanners

– Using connectivity software like Wavelink, Stay-linked, other proprietary TE apps? Tell us.

Is this an addition to other legacy terminals? Maintain or recondition them with QuickTurn Repair. It’s efficient and economical. When it’s time to upgrade, that used equipment is a down payment for next generation technology.

*30 day, No-Questions-Asked, Full Refund

Need a repair of this product? Get an RMA and we'll get you back up and running.


The experts at LXE know that having both hands free is ideal in the warehouse. So we offer a comprehensive line of hands free, wearable computers and voice-ready data collection computers. These wearable computers are perfect for warehouse picking applications including piece picking to carts, containers or conveyors, case picking, small parcel moves and broken case activities.

LXE’s HX2 is designed to be worn on the wrist or waist which frees both hands enabling more efficient warehouse inventory moves. Loaded with an XScale processor and Windows CE 5.0 operating system, along with an 802.11a/b/g radio with Bluetooth option, you’re prepared for the real-time business of today and tomorrow. The unit’s large backlit variably-sized keys (w/multiple keypad options) are specially designed for high-speed picking. The extraordinarily bright, sunlight-readable color display offers easy viewing in any lighting condition, and from any angle. The HX2 is also light yet rugged. Protected by a high-impact case and rugged touch screen display, this unit can survive the harshest conditions. The LXE ring scanner and imager accessories, like the HX2, are built tough.