Choosing the Best Repair Option

Annual Service Contracts, Flat Rate Repairs, Time & Materials?


These three simple steps will help you decide.


Step #1

How many units needed to be sent in last year?

If you’re half way through the year pick, the last 12 months. Tally the number of units that were repaired during that period.

Step #2

What was the average cost to repair one unit?

If the numbers are unavailable, we can estimate costs for the models under consideration.

  • Multiple that average cost times the number of units that needed service in the previous period.
  • The result is your  Time & Materials Annual Cost.

Step #3

How does your past cost compare to different options?

OK, with your T & M Annual Cost in hand, compare it to the price of QuickTurn Flat Rate and Service Contract repair options.

In the form below, give us a brief description of the equipment that you want to cover.

Get Prices for your Repair Options

  • BrandModelQuantity 
    EXAMPLE: Motorola, MC9090, 15. Click the "+" to add another brand or type. You can enter Mobile computers, Barcode scanners, Label printers and Accessories, like Cradles or Battery chargers, too.
  • If you're not registered, then you'll need to fill this in
  • Not required, but we like to be thorough

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The proof is in the performance. Once you’ve experienced our efficient personal service, the decision will be easy.